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At the end of 2016, Telemark Technologies AS and Optime Subsea AS formed a merger whereby Optime Subsea AS took over the subsea products and services developed and offered by Telemark Technologies AS.

These products and services were integrated with a new line of life-of-field products/services developed by Optime Subsea for the upstream, subsea oil and gas industry. Optime Subsea AS continues to manufacture, sell, and service the Telemark’s line of hyperbaric Testing systems under its own name and trademarking. These systems offer new benefit, cost savings, and productivity gains to companies that must prove the pressure worthiness of their subsea designs or products before the may be deployed for use at deep ocean levels. Telemark’s Rotostar pump also carries through to Optime in a similar fashion, and is targeted for subsea factory applications and umbilical replacement. Optime also  brings its own disruptive technology, however.

Its Multi-Completion Systems (MCS) are offered in modular packages where each module targets different phases of subsea well development, production operations, and terminations. Use of the MCS product allows operators to forgo the use of costly rigs, enabling a savings of 50% or greater. All operations from well-completion to safe plugging and abandonment may be handled from the same solution. For further information, or to arrange a demonstration, please contact Jan Fredrik Carlsen.



Jan Fredrik Carlsen
CEO Optime Subsea AS
Foto: Jens Marius Hammer

A modular and scalable hyperbaric test system that provide rapid, efficient and cost effective verification of subsea products.

A fully electric pump maintains local hydraulic pressure. Enables hydraulic equipment to be fully operable subsea while eliminating the need for costly hydraulic umbilicals to the surface.

Optime Subsea has developed a new service platform offering cost efficient completion operation and light intervention – from lighter and smaller IMR/FSV vessels. This solution can be operated on any type of subsea Xmas Tree. We call it multiCompletionSystem™, mCS.

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